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all about weight loss and diet success

Weight Watchers vs. Atkins

Diet Comparison

Here is a side-by-side summary of Weight Watchers and Atkins to help you compare diets and choose a weight loss plan that will work for you.


Weight Watchers


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Best for...

Anyone who is serious about long-term weight loss and thrives on peer support and encouragement.

Meat lovers.


None noted.

Some who try Atkins may experience constipation, fatigue, and/or headaches. There are voices in the medical and nutrition communities that fear the short and long-term effects of a diet so high in fat and cholesterol, the jury is still out on whether these fears are substantiated.

Basic philosophy / approach

Teaches the fundamentals of sound nutrition and basic fitness. Emphasizes group support at regular weigh-ins. Uses a point system to help you manage what you're eating and your portion sizes.

Portion control? No way! The diet strictly limits—but does NOT forbid as some have suggested—carb intake. It allows unlimited amounts of many allowed foods, such as meats and cheeses.

Foods that are / aren't allowed

Nothing is strictly restricted. The focus is on dietary awareness and portion size reduction and overall dietary balance.

Carbs, bad. Protein, good. Fat in all its delicious forms, no problem.

How much work involved

Highly flexible. You can eat Weight Watchers prepared meals, cook your own or do a combination. Weekly weigh-ins at Weight Watcher centers.

I can’t imagine a simpler approach. There is virtually no measuring or weighing or record-keeping involved. And when you eat out you simply have to tell the waiter "save the shrubs for a rabbit—I only want the MEAT".


Register for Weight Watchers online for just $14.95 per month for plan, plus a $29.95 registration fee (on-line option).

Generally speaking, meat and cheese are more expensive than fruits, veggies and bread. That said, the Atkins Diet does not require that you buy more costly prepared meals.

Speed to results

You can expect to lose between 1 and 2 lbs. per week, with a potential initial drop greater than that in the first week or two.

Here is where Atkins draws much of its popularity. If you follow the diet, you will lose weight. Many will lose weight dramatically at the outset, and continue at a steady clip after that. One reminder: a weight loss rate of 1 to 1.5 lbs. per week over a period of time beyond two weeks (the initial drop not uncommon to many diets) is considered healthy, and anything above that is considered unhealthy.

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Weight Watchers



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